Aug 23

NLP Swish Pattern & Anchoring, Derren Brown Style…

In this video, Derren Brown, my mentor (via proxy) and main inspiration for over 10 years now, demonstrates just how powerful N.L.P can be as well as just how far you can possibly take the Swish Pattern & Anchoring.

First, he uses the standard ‘Swish Pattern‘ to reframe this woman’s insecurity about school, and to replace her current feelings and fears regarding it with the feelings of certainty and confidence. Then, he flips the tables on her.  By using what is known as Anchoring, a way to capture a paticular state a person is in, and attach it to a touch or a phrase, you can then re-evoke that feeling later by executing the simple touch of phrase.   In this example, while under the guise of helping her with her issues via the Swish Pattern, he is covertly creating solid Anchors for her two states; certainty and uncertainty.

Once that is done, and the Swish Pattern is complete; he brings out four colored cards, and by triggering off the pre-set anchors, he is able to change her perception of simple colors, and eventually causes her to, let’s just say, become color blind…Enjoy the video.   I am,  c e r t a i n,  you will.

About the author

Joe Riggs

For the past 10 years, Joe Riggs has been dazzling audiences with his own unique style of cutting edge, mind-altering, psychological entertainment. In fact, he has staked out his own space: The World of Joe Riggs. At only thirty-three years old, Joe is already an internationally acclaimed Mentalist, Deductionist, Psychological Entertainer, and Consultant; Whether he’s performing for entertainment or educational purposes; Joe’s singularly exclusive brand of Mentalism entails his adept use of: Deductive Profiling & Reasoning, Nonverbal Communication Analysis, suggestion, as well as his highly developed mental acuity and near eidetic [ahy-det-ik] memory. Having mastered the combination of these and a plethora of other higher-order thinking skills, Joe possesses an absolutely uncanny skillset of deductive, as well as intuitive, powers. To say this riveting performer is unique would be a drastic understatement...

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