May 30

Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven. -Shakespeare (review by Jim Hoy)

Incredible review of my new bookThe Real Sherlock Holmes

I generally do not personally comment on reviews of my own book(s); however, I have to make an exception. All bookthe reviews have been touching, none is better than another, yet this one moved me in a very specific way. Having been raised by psychic charlatans, this review really hits home. It tells me that not only is the content of my book what I wished it to be, it is accomplishing exactly what I set out to do. Thank you, Jim Hoy; editor and writer extraordinaire. Your work is an inspiration to me. I am honored that you, of all people, bought and read my humble offering.

Review by: Jim Hoy


 Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven—Shakespeare

The human brain. The most powerful tool in the universe. Humans have used it to create beautiful art, incredibly destructive weapons and technologies that would stun the most advanced minds of a generation ago. In your mind you have created fantastic worlds and solved all the problems on the planet. Your brain–your mind–stores and nurtures your hopes and dreams. And, unfortunately, some have chosen to use their mind to prey on those same hopes and dreams you possess. Whether they be scammers, “psychics” or simply overly aggressive sales people, some people have developed skills that allow them to be seemingly a step ahead all the time, or to claim to have the power to speak with the dead or even control your mind.

You may even know, inside, that their claims are nonsense. But the question remains: How do they do that? In this book, Joe Riggs invites you behind the scenes, to no longer ignore that man behind the curtain and to take back your power from those who would take advantage of your inherent goodness.
In two separate sections, Riggs shows us what “they” think. And, importantly, how “they” think. Learn the secrets of T.H.E. S.C.A.M. Discover the secrets behind having a superhuman memory. Learn to interpret, with chilling accuracy, the body language, facial tics and word choices that charlatans observe in us that gives them such seemingly impressive “powers”. Know when someone is lying to you, without asking them a single question. Detect sincere emotional responses from those designed simply to elicit a response in you. Discover how neuro-linguistic programming can be used to guide the choices you seemingly make of your own free will. These skills are not just for the Derren Browns of this world.

Yes, skills. Not special gifts or anointings. They haven’t been blessed with any gifts, other than a lack of conscience. Joe Riggs has chosen to shine a light where several people probably wish he wouldn’t. Knowledge is power, and it is there for you to take it, if you want it. Your mind need not be a source of amusement or profit for scoundrels. Your mind is a sacred place, the repository for all that is good about you. It is worth defending from those who wish to mislead you.


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About the author

Joe Riggs

"For the past 15 years, internationally acclaimed Mentalist, Deductionist, Writer, Lecturer, and Consultant Joe Riggs has been captivating clients with his indispensable insights and enthralling audiences with his own singular style of cutting edge psychological entertainment. Picture Sherlock Holmes meets Patrick Jane and you’ll begin to get an idea of the non-fictional phenomenon that is Joe Riggs. At just 35 years old, his incredibly versatile areas of expertise include: advanced deductive and inductive reasoning, speed reading people, nonverbal communication, uncanny mastery of human behavior, and various forms of suggestion — not to mention his eidetic memory — all of which culminate into a psychological tapestry that most can only perceive as mind reading... but it's not minds Joe reads, it's people..."