May 28

The Profound & Prolific Derren Brown: A BAFTA Beyond Deserved

Derren Brown & co win Entertainment Programme BAFTA for his show “The Experiments.”

derrenDerren Brown has been one of my most prominent inspirations for well over 11 years now. His approach to the art of Mentalism mirrors his most appealing personal attributes: Brilliance, Elegance & Cerebral Excellence beyond measure. While my style of Mentalism is very different, it was my habitual and at times obsessive feeding upon his every scribbling that helped to shape the Mentalist, Psychological Entertainer & Consultant that I am today.

Aside from Derren being a profound and prolific writer, performer, painter and thought fiddler; He has one of the most amazing teams in the entire entertainment industry.

A team that has to consistently conceptualize thrilling, cerebralteam programming;

Quite a task for most human beings but not for this breed of creative geniuses. Not to mention what a good looking lot they are; Standing with pride after much deserved recognition. That or they are just terrified by the man standing among them, which is both plausible and extremely unlikely.

Today I am proud of Derren Victor Brown, and his magnificent team.

-Joe Riggs

Here is a splendid post-awards interview:


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