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For the past 10 years, Joe Riggs has been dazzling audiences with his own unique style of cutting edge, mind-altering, psychological entertainment. In fact, he has staked out his own space: The World of Joe Riggs. At only thirty-three years old, Joe is already an internationally acclaimed Mentalist, Hypnotist, Lecturer, and Consultant; currently based out of the Indianapolis area. Whether he’s performing for entertainment or educational purposes; Joe’s singularly exclusive brand of Mentalism entails his adept use of: Body Language Analysis, Speed Reading People, Advanced Hypnosis, suggestion, as well as his highly developed mental acuity and near eidetic [ahy-det-ik] memory. Having mastered the combination of these and a plethora of other higher-order thinking skills, Joe possesses an absolutely uncanny skillset of deductive, as well as intuitive, powers. To say this riveting performer is unique would be a drastic understatement. Despite his noble humility, he truly appears to be omniscient. Then again, that is his job. Let’s take a peek down the rabbit hole that is his life, and begin to shed some light on the enigmatic world of Joe Riggs.

The Child Who Knew Too Much

Joe began this life-long obsession at a very early age; perhaps even earlier than he realizes. Joe was born on April 1, or “April Fool’s Day;” which has significant implications to those who soon were to watch Joe’s skills unfold. The people who surrounded him in his youth had quite an intriguing and often-believed story about why he is able to do the things no man should be able to do. Joe Riggs was raised in an exclusive metaphysical community, by a psychic, tarot-card-reading mother, and surrounded by people exhibiting any number of metaphysical ‘talents;’ Joe mastered each and every one of them. From reading tarot cards, to rune stones, to graphology (handwriting analysis) to psychometry (a type of psychic energy-reading done on one’s personal belongings); Joe was known early to be the child prodigy of this community. Having mastered the methods of the psychics of his community at an early age, it wasn’t long before this brilliant boy had seen through their superstitious belief systems.
Joe was already exhibiting powerful skills of observation and deduction, and soon realized he’d mastered specific methods that said “˜psychics’ employ, even if the psychics, themselves, never claimed to employ any scientific methodology at all. Rather, psychics give credit for their predictions and proclamations to a special connection with the spiritual realm, and prey on the weak and the grieving; which is something that never sat well with a young man of such character and mental prowess. Joe was as frighteningly good at displaying the arts and the sciences of any of these metaphysical ‘gifts’ as any of the psychics, but he understood the science and the methods behind what he was doing. Having an eidetic memory didn’t hurt his early mastery, either. Though he denies all existence of “psychic power,” those who ‘wish’ to believe continue to protest, otherwise, and claim he’s in denial of his ‘real’ psychic powers!

“The Real Sherlock Holmes”

If you ask Joe, he’ll tell you it was his lifelong obsession with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, which gave him the inspiration to become the closest thing to the beloved fictional character, in existence. Joe spent a good part of his life mastering, among his vast array of other skills, the art of advanced deduction, and has the ability to gain a wealth of information about a person with what seems like just a glance. He has, in fact, been repeatedly dubbed, “The Real Sherlock Holmes.” The truth is that the mixed mastery of his innumerable skills combined to create the closest thing to a mind-reader that actually exists. In addition, his brief dive into powerful magic also taught him the art of deception, and its effects on the mind. Joe even spent his career as a close-up Magician secretly studying people and their behavior. Magic came with the opportunity to enter people’s voids. While table-hopping, he was still performing, but more importantly; studying and practicing the skills in which he was actually the most interested.
After all, studying people, deduction, and having a personal history that includes learning the methods of the psychics, could only serve to make his magic more powerful. Next, Joe dove deeper into his more academic studies in psychology, human behavior as well as the powers of suggestion, multiple forms of Rapid Induction Hypnosis, as well as social engineering, to name a few. Joe was quickly moving into the field most commonly known as Mentalism, yet the term is almost a misnomer for Joe. Usually, a Mentalist is a performer who simply displays the illusion of the talents with which Joe has been unusually gifted. He soon realized he had developed his skills to the point that he could actually do what most Mentalists only pretended to be able to do! Recognizing his unlimited mental potential, Joe focused his energy on creating his unique brand of Mentalism; which incorporates powerful aspects of deductive reasoning, the ‘reading’ of physical and linguistic cues, instant induction hypnosis, a deep knowledge of human behavior, and the use of advanced suggestion to create a captivating, jaw-dropping, performance art. You can’t even find this incredible skill set in a Sherlock Holmes novel!

“The Man Who Knows Too Much”

Joe’s ground-breaking performances have captivated the minds and imaginations of millions! His face has graced the covers of major newspapers, and his displays of this incredible array of “mystical’ talents prompted his selection as the keynote speaker at the 2009 ComParaCon paranormal convention, as well as to become a resident Mind Power Expert at SelfGrowth.com, the largest self-improvement website on the internet. And no; no one will ever forget his unbelievable psychokinetic feat on a Dallas radio show, when he employed a psychological technique that caused metal to bend in people’s homes, simultaneously, all across the country. The phone calls kept coming in, none of them knew Joe had merely bent their mind, not their metal. Then, a world-famous Texas institution called Joe for a private performance. For once, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were on the other end of awe!
Major corporations such as: Caesars, Hitachi, and Omni Hotels have all sought out, and retained, his remarkable talents. Whether he’s running seminars, consulting, teaching, training, or performing; there is always something you want this man to do for you, your friends, or your business. After a recent performance, two wide-eyed spectators and converts were reliving their amazing night. The first said, “Before my very eyes, he reached into people’s brains to pull out names and places they had stored there, in private.” The other responded, “Yeah, I didn’t know whether to shout out with amazement or run for the exit!” Typical? Doubtful! But, this is just scratching the surface of the irresistible, magnetic attraction of a Joe Riggs performance. Oh, and did we happen to mention that he’s an incredibly talented, multi-faceted musician, who can play anything with a string, and beautifully? He is also rather adept at a little something called “spot reading;” which means that he can read and play a piece of music, simultaneously, at first sight, flawlessly. Perhaps we’ll delve more into that rare talent in Episode II of “Inside the World of Joe Riggs.” As Joe often says, and in the words of his favorite fictional mentor, Sherlock Holmes: “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

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