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  • Ricardo

    Dear Mr. Riggs,
    I recently discovered your web page, and would like to take a moment to ask you a question. I have presented Mr. Ed Cooke with the same question, but as of yet this has been of no avail.
    I am a paramedic student and have lots of information to memorize. the information can seem quite scattered. for instance, I have to know the various symptoms of many diseases, the protocols for treating these diseases and injuries, as well as all of the medications, which have about 6 categories each. I have read Dominic’s book on memory, as well as Joshua Foer’s foray into the mentalist arena. But for now, I can’t seem to be able to establish a memory palace or journey that is conducive to memorizing all of this content. Do you think you might have any suggestions? Whatever you may be able to do to assist me would be greatly appreciated!
    Best regards,
    Ricardo Flippen
    Felton, CA

  • Paul Mason

    Love your site, I have a question as I am just starting out with memory palaces.
    Okay I have memorised the 37 plays of Shakespeare by taking a route from my bedroom to the theatre in my town. I have linked places along the route to the plays so the bedroom with one play and the landing with another the bathroom with another and so on each with a ridiculous scenario to remind me of the play.

    My question is if I want to keep the plays to memory should I use the same route but with a different story to memorise something else or not use the is route again?

    If I can’t use the route again does that mean never to use the bathroom for anything other than the Shakespeare reference.

    I may have posted this twice I apologise if I have.

  • Carter deLaat

    Hi there,

    Found your blog while surfing the internet for Sherlock Holmes related media. You’ve got some very interesting and cool stuff on here.

    Reason I’m messaging you now is because I’ve recently produced and directed a five part webseries about Sherlock Holmes entitled “221B”. As of right now, we’re two episodes in and we’ve started to introduce it to the web and other Holmes related websites and blogs.

    Our two hooks are A) It focuses on the domestic side of Holmes and Watson (showing the funny, but often dangerous events under that roof in Victorian London) and B) We’re one of the first iterations to feature a female Holmes.

    The first two episodes can be seen here:

    Would love to hear what another Holmes enthusiast thinks about it.

    Cheers, and love the site. Really cool stuff.
    -Carter deLaat

    • Joe Riggs

      Hello there! So very sorry JUST got this comment. I will check out your stuff and contact you! Love the concept.

  • Mary

    I’m quite interested in the study of graphology. I found your post concerning it rather fascinating and am now further investigating the subject. I was hoping you knew of any exceptional programs or programs of which I should steer clear. Correspondence courses would be most preferable. Thanks in advance for your help, Joe.