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Jan 14

The Monolithic ‘Magnussen’ Mind Palace – Fact Or Fiction?

The Curious Case of the Criticized Capability Today on Tumblr (yes I actually opened a post this way) a blogger openly attacked the BBC’s use of the “Mind Palace” technique. They also expressed criticisms regarding the capacity of Charles Augustus Magnussen’s Mind Palace. Magnussen was of course a character in “His Last Vow,” the incredible …

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Jun 28

“The Real Sherlock Holmes” Launched Today! My First Copy & A Few Thank Yous…

My new book ‘The Real Sherlock Holmes – The Curious History and Mysterious Methods of a True Mental Specialist’ was released today and just as well I’ve received my first copy!
I am filled with deep gratitude and excitement due to all the amazing support I’ve received from around the world. As well I must thank all the amazing characters, fictional and non, that have filled my life with adventure and knowledge…

Jun 26

Wiping Your Memory Palace, Sealing Important Data Permanently & Layering For Incredible Recall

I meant to write this article much sooner however things have been quite busy over here in my world. This topic actually calls to mind a few different subjects that I will try to cover in the following post. If you have not read my first two articles on the Memory or Mind Palace this would be a perfect time to get caught up, they will be referenced lightly in the following.

Jun 15

One INTENSE Email and the Subject of my 3rd Memory Palace Lesson…

This is a rather touching email I received regarding my articles and work. It is the messages like this that inspire me daily and keep me wanting to share everything I know with the world. Rather than keep my methods and secrets to myself as too many individuals in my profession, as well as related professions, do.
However, it also contains a burning question that I have recieved over two hundred times from around the world via emails, Twitter & Facebook. This question is being answered in one of my favorite articles yet that will be out within the next couple days.

Jun 07

Phonetic Encoding: A Linguistic Upgrade For Your Mind Palace & Mental Hard Drive

”This is my hard-drive, and it only makes sense to put things in there that are useful. Really useful. Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish, and that makes it hard to get at the stuff that matters! Do you see?” -Sherlock Holmes | The Great Game (BBC Series)

Jun 03

Supercharging Your Memory Palace, New Palaces & Connecting the Labyrinths Within…

Some people are fine with memorizing a grocery list, some of us like to take things deeper than that. Some of you only need to create more ‘pegs’ to objects within your current memory palace while some of you will be ready to develop new palaces and link them together to form this labyrinth of instant access to vast amounts of information. Whether you want to memorize vast amounts of information for school exams, figures and stats for your job, maps all the way to super human math systems; or just remember the playing cards that have been played in a game, at some point you’re going to want to dive into your memories and expand your palace and create new ones for specific purposes. Let us begin that process now.

May 14

The Memory Palace – From Sherlock Holmes to Designing Your Own…

Arthur Conan Doyle was on the right track when he attributed his fictional consulting detective‘s ‘mental powers‘ to be the result of a well-organized ‘memory attic‘ system. While the ‘Memory Palace‘ system that is widely employed today isn‘t necessarily associated with Sherlock Holmes with the exception of the BBC’s “Sherlock.” I believe the above quote should be given the credit it deserves. Now, let‘s get on to what the Memory Palace (or Method of Loci) actually is. This is going to get historically deep for a moment, but then we will break it down so you can create yours, NOW!

May 09

How to memorize every name, all the time.

As a Mentalist I often have to memorize incredible amounts of data, in very little time. The good news is that I have the tools and ability to do so. The number one complaint I hear from people is that they can’t remember peoples names. This is extremely frustrating and to be honest names were the hardest thing for me to remember as well. I could remember a 50 digit number in seconds, yet instantly forget the name of the person who gave me the number.