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Aug 26

The Baltimore Sun Interview: “Joe Riggs is inside your head.”

Hello friends! I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Baltimore Sun, and since the story just hit their website a few hours ago, naturally I couldn’t resist sharing it with my astute readers. The interview was spawned by an upcoming charity show I am performing September 4 in honor of the SPCA. (Who …

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Apr 17

Graphology: A Deductive Dive Into The World Of Handwriting Analysis…

Before we begin here’s a few words on the subject of Graphology from Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty in the film “Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows” courtesy of Warner Brothers: This interaction actually brings up a few points I want to make before we actually jump into learning about handwriting analysis. You’ll notice that …

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Jul 26

Live “Sherlock Holmes Week” Mentalism & Deduction Web Event with Joe Riggs!

That’s right friends, we will be bringing Sherlock Holmes Week to a close with some live Mentalism & Sherlockian fun! This event is open to everyone who would like to attend. I will be on video interacting with you via an open chat window visible to everyone. Whether you’re coming to interact or just watch the fun, by all means do stop by and tell your friends about it!
As many of you know from my original blog post here, I’ve sent two separate “predictions” out; one to Sherlockology and the other, a strange phrase, to The Baker Street Babes. If everything goes well, this will all culminate in an amazing tapestry of events during the webcast that should be amazing and interactive for everyone. Special guests Luke Kuhns & Elena Kitzantides will also be present, helping to choose questions and moderate, etc.The theme is, of course, Sherlock Holmes Week. The purposes are: to have some fun, answer your burning questions, and to raise awareness for The Undershaw Preservation Trust.

Jul 24

The Cryptic Riddle Has Been Solved! Here is the Solution, Winner & Runner Up!

I am very proud to announce that after 48 hours of brainstorming, reading and re-reading the riddles, we have a winner! Over 300 people submitted their brilliant guesses and explanations behind them. However, in the end, only two people named the correct person and properly deconstructed the cryptic questions. Thanks to everyone who submitted answers. You guys are amazing!

Jul 15

Live Webcast Event: Q&A, Mentalism & Deduction Demonstrations and A Cryptic Contest!

With two weeks left to Sherlock Holmes Week its time to release information on a very special live event and contest I’ve been asked to run. I’ve been contemplating this for awhile now and things are starting to get pretty exciting!
Following the revealing interview with Ross K Foad (here) a few weeks ago, I’ve been inundated with friends and fans around the world asking if I’d be prepared to do a similar live event with them. At the same time I’ve just become an ambassador for the Undershaw Preservation Trust. Seems like combining the two is perfect…
So yes, here we go! Stay with me because quite a few things are going to be happening at once to make this event the most fun it can be for all of you.

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