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May 10

“Psychic” Sylvia Browne Exposed In Yet ANOTHER Web Of LIES, Amanda Berry Is Alive And Well. (Video)

Anyone that knows me is well aware of my ongoing mission to expose fraudulent psychic mediums who prey on the weak and grieving for their own personal gain. Sylvia Browne is one of the WORST, most despicable human beings on this planet. In my book “The Real Sherlock Holmes” I spend the first portion exposing the methods …

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Jun 28

“The Real Sherlock Holmes” Launched Today! My First Copy & A Few Thank Yous…

My new book ‘The Real Sherlock Holmes – The Curious History and Mysterious Methods of a True Mental Specialist’ was released today and just as well I’ve received my first copy!
I am filled with deep gratitude and excitement due to all the amazing support I’ve received from around the world. As well I must thank all the amazing characters, fictional and non, that have filled my life with adventure and knowledge…

May 06

Anderson Cooper VS Sylvia Browne | Psychic Takedown

Anderson Cooper 360 takes on Sylvia Browne. Sylvia Browne is truly the worst kind of ‘Psychic.’ Having been raised by professional Psychics, it is one art form that I know, and can replicate, extremely well. Anderson Cooper is a man after my own heart in this clip: