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Apr 10

A Quick Q&A With A Mastermind… “How To Think Like Maria Konnikova”

  If you haven’t heard the name Maria Konnikova, you haven’t been paying attention. Maria Konnikova is an accomplished psychologist, journalist and author of the highly acclaimed book Mastermind: How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes. This brilliant book combines neuroscience and psychology to explore Holmes’s unique methods of mindfulness, astute observation, and logical deduction.  This is a must read …

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Nov 20

Book Review: “Holmes And Watson: End Peace” by David Ruffle

Hello friends, I’ve recently finished “Holmes And Watson: End Peace” by David Ruffle. I couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on this very innovatively written little masterpiece. So here goes…
End Peace is filled with nothing but my favorite part of any Sherlock Holmes pastiche, dialogue. This fascinating book is literally 100% dialogue, it reads like a literal transcript of one long conversation and is completely delightful to digest.

Nov 10

Book Review: “The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson” by Phil Growick

Friends, I am excited to begin what shall be a series of reviews. I am currently digesting a slew of Sherlock Holmes related books and will be reviewing each one upon its completion. The first of which is Phil Growick’s “The Secret Journal of Dr. Watson.”

This premise of this book is rather pleasing, one last Holmes adventure chronicled by of course Dr. Watson. However unlike other novels with the same premise, this one stands apart in several ways, all of which are nothing less than enthralling. While elements of the book must be kept secret for the to-be, I can tell you that a descendant of the good Doctor finds himself in possession of this secret journal, and this, is by Dr. Watson’s own design. A wonderful hook right at the start of this book and yet only the beginning of what shall be a most epic journey.

Oct 13

Inside The World Of Nonverbal Communication – An Interview With Former FBI Spycatcher Joe Navarro.

Not many can say they were personally approached to join the FBI, but this is exactly what happened to Joe Navarro while he was working as a police officer at the tender age of 23. He accepted their offer and became one of the youngest agents ever to join the renowned investigative agency.
Joe spent the next 25 years at the FBI, working both as an agent and supervisor in the areas of counterintelligence and counter-terrorism Through his work he was able to study, refine and apply the science of non-verbal communications. His acumen in this field and his success as a spy-catcher, led Joe to begin training FBI agents and the intelligence community. Retiring from the FBI in 2003, and meeting overwhelming demand for his notable insights into human behavior, Joe has dedicated himself to speaking and consulting with major corporations worldwide.
Today Joe is recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on reading non-verbal communications and he is regularly interviewed on programs such as NBC’s Today Show, Fox News, ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS’ Early Show, and for publications such as The Washington Post and Psychology Today.
Mr. Navarro was kind enough to agree to answering some questions for myself and the readers of this blog. His answers were insightful and delightful in every way, and yes, we even briefly discussed Sherlock Holmes. Let’s jump right into it…

May 30

Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven. -Shakespeare (review by Jim Hoy)

Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven. The human brain. The most powerful tool in the universe. Humans have used it to create beautiful art, incredibly destructive weapons and technologies that would stun the most advanced minds of a generation ago. In your mind you have created fantastic worlds and solved all the problems on the planet.

May 25

“Sherlock Holmes, Mentalist’ Dan Andriacco’s review of ‘The Real Sherlock Holmes.’

“Sherlock Holmes, Mentalist’ Dan Andriacco’s review of my new book… If Sherlock Holmes wrote a book (other than The Whole Art of Detection andThe Practical Handbook of Bee Culture), it might be something like Joe Riggs ‘Psychic Lies & Mental Spies.