Getting over my ex-boyfriend and move on as Balham Escorts

Happiness starts when you learn to get rid of toxic people in your life. You have to leave them before they destroy too much of your mental and emotional health. Love should be your source of happiness in life, having a perfect partner in life is such a blessing. To have someone on your side is everything, they are there to give you happiness and add color to your life. Love is the reason why people are continuing their lives, I mean, love is not just all about a partner some of it is family, they have something worth fighting for. When there is the love, we can do what is supposed to do, if before we feel tired, today we become active to make our life better. In life, we need people to feel us that we are worth it and valuable. We don’t care how other people see us as long as we have that one person support and approval.

When we are in love, we became appreciative of all things around us, big or small. Everything becomes easy and worth to do. When we have someone in life, no matter how many times we stumble, they will always be there to help us rise. Someone that can brighten our day and give directions to our life. They make us happy when we feel sad, and everything will fall into place. We are not afraid anymore to take our paths, accepts our mistake and change ourselves. We love to improve every day to look attractive and feel appreciated. But there are times. We need to control our emotions and give up if the things are not right already when it already swallowed you. Some people choose to become a martyr for the love that is not worth it. A relationship should be a source of happiness and strength, not sadness. Most people wait for a miracle to change their toxic partner while me? I don’t want to lose myself for just one person who keeps dragging me down says Balham Escorts from

I have a boyfriend before, we are eight years together, and it is quite long says Balham Escorts. We shared many memories together good and bad. I have loyal to him and honest. I never made any moves that can piss him off; I always want to make him happy, cooks his favorite food and give him the best. Many times, we have fights but not to the point he would raise his hand to me. He keeps beating me and says hurtful words. And I realized that if I keep allowing him to do it with me, he will use to it until he lost all the respect. I have broken up with him and move away to another place. I found Arsenal, a home in London England and stay there. I look for a job and become an Arsenal escort. And to get away from him is the best decision I made.

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