Is The Job Of Escorts Misunderstood?

What are the three things all London escorts need to know? You may think the only thing you need to know when you join a London escorts service is to how to deliver the perfect the blow-job. But, in fact, there are things that matter a lot more. Most girls who join escorts in London agencies are faced with a range of lifestyle changes that they can quickly dominate their lives if they are not careful. Coping during the first months of working for a London escorts agency can be hard work.

I think the majority of London escorts that I have met don’t have a clue what is about to hit them. Of course, we all find different parts of working for London escorts challenging. Personally I found it very challenging to work the night shift. I had never worked at night before. Working nights turned my life upside down. After the first couple of weeks, I was completely exhausted and did not think that I would be able to stand it. But, then something came together, and it all worked out.

Walking around in high heeled shoes is something else that can be tough. I used to wear slight heels in my former job, but London escorts called for stilettos and I was not used to wearing them. Now, I find it hard not to walk on stilettos. Even when I am not at London escorts, you will often catch me wearing stilettos. You may find it hard to believe but wearing flip-flops actually hurt my feet these days. My downstairs neighbours are probably wondering what I make such a racket when I walk around up stairs.

The other thing that took me a long time to get used was going out all of the time. Sure, I had been out for meals and cocktails in London before I joined London escorts, but all of that changed when I got involved with escorting. Before I knew it, I was going out to posh restaurants in London at least four times per week. My poor digestive system was simply not used to so much rich food and I felt a bit queasy at times. I ended up taking supplements to improve my digestion like so many other London escorts do.

There were other challenging aspects as well, but I am not going to make too much out of them. If you would like to hit the ground running and do well working for a London escorts agency, it would be a good idea to talk to an experienced girl. I wish that I would have not turned down the opportunity to do so. Working for a London escorts agency is perhaps one of the most unique jobs you can have in London. It is not for all girls, but the girls who learn how to muddle through can really make a success out of their careers if they adopt the right kind of attitude

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