What happened to all of the posh girls I used to date in Mayfair?

I just keep coming across cheap tarts at the moment. There used to be a lot of top class Mayfair escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/mayfair-escorts, but for some reason a lot of them seem to have been replaced with cheap imported talent. All of the girls who used to date in Mayfair were always English and you could rely on finding some amazing looking escorts in this part of London. Now, I seem to be looking at cheap escorts who would better belong in places like the East End or North London.

My idea of Mayfair escorts are classy ladies who you can take out to dinner and generally have a good time with. They all dress nicely and look the business night and day, but the girls I am looking at now are wearing very sexy lingerie but precious little else. At the end of the day, if you are taking a lady put for dinner, you are not going to be sitting there looking at her lingerie. You would like her to be dress nicely and to be able to hold a conversation with your dining companions. But I suppose things change…

I understand that a lot of international business men have now started to date Mayfair escorts, and according to some of the agencies that I have spoken to, these gents have totally different standards. They are looking for very sexy girls and they even go as far as requesting a specific bust size. That sounds really strange to me, and I wouldn’t have thought it is the sort of thing a gentleman should really be doing. Apparently what I am looking for, a genuine sexy companion, is really hard to find these days and I wonder if I have come back to the escorts game a bit too late.

Before my marriage I always used to date Mayfair escorts. They were the most delightful creatures, and I really enjoyed their company. The girls back in my days were more like courtesans than escorts, and you could always rely on them to be perfectly discreet, but at the same time you knew they could be a little bit on the naughty side as well. They were sexy companions who new how to look after their gents and you knew that you could have a really good time in their company.

I have just written into an online publication that deals with escorts. My situation is perhaps somewhat unique but I hope that they are going to be able to come back to me with a solution to my problem. I would like to date Mayfair escorts again, but I am sad to say that I don’t want to have the company of some Polish girl. No, I would like to meet an English lady who can give me the time of my life in more ways than one. Honestly, I hope that these types of ladies still exist in Mayfair.

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