Crystal Palace escorts came to rescue me in my depression.

Honestly, think that my girlfriend gives the worst massages ever. I feel like because her hands is very strong. When she gives me a massage, it hurts like hell. It is like someone is torturing me. She does not know that she provides terrible massaged because I did not tell her about it. I pretended that I like the massage that she gives me and she believes me. She is even very proud of it. It was unbelievable. My friends told me that I should tell my girlfriend about it, but I disagreed with them.

I understand that they are saying but I am afraid that if I tell her about it I can mess up our relationship. I really love this girl, for the first time in my life I feel like she can be the one who I will marry in the future. I do not want to tell her the truth. I was very confident that my girlfriend would not found out about it because I do not plan on telling her. What I did not know that my friend told her the truth. When I got home, my girlfriend is waiting for me to arrive. She asked me why did I lied to her. She got mad at me for not telling her the truth about her massages. She asked me to explain myself. I did not know what the smart thing to say is. I just said to her that I did not want to tell her the truth because I did not want to hurt her.

I am scared that if i told her the truth she will get mad at me. Thankfully she forgave me for lying to her. She told me that we should not keep secrets from each other anymore. She is scared that if we start lying to each other, it would be the end of our relationship. But I could not help myself; I am not an honest man. I continuously lie to her after that incident. I lied about where I have been to her. I lie to her to make my life easier. It is like I got addicted on lying. It was only a matter of time when she found out that I am not honest to her anymore. She decided that it is better for us to go on our separate ways. I tried asking her to forgive me and told her that i will change but she did not believe me anymore. I am in such sorrow, so I booked Crystal Palace escorts from to help me. Crystal Palace escorts came to rescue me in my depression. i believe that Crystal Palace escorts saved me from a lot of heartache.

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